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Pauker Development

You do need to be a coder to be able to help Pauker. There are several other ways you can join our project of more efficient learning. Options are (altough not limited to):

  • You can program in Java after all.

    Help Ronny and his team to make Pauker better. Best contact him and/or the mailling list.

  • You speak a non-English language quite well.

    We are constantly striving to make Pauker an international project. You can:

    • translate the Pauker application to a new language.

      Contact Ronny and the mailing list how to do this.

    • translate this webpage to a new language. The webpage is quite hobbling behind in internationalization. We only have English and German right now.

      Download the «XML-File» which is the backbone of the web. Add new languages just the way "en" and "de" are done there and send the result it axel77@users.sourceforge.net or query this email if you need further help.

      You do not need to stick on the words while translating, but you can evolve the translation freely.

      You do not have to do the "lessons" part.

  • Last but not least:

    You have absolutely no time but more money on hand than you need to survive.

    Sponsor Ronny by clicking on the Paypal button to the left.