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Pauker Development
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Lucky luke
2005-12-14, 16:10:47
2005-12-18, 17:19:55
Thanks for the new version!
2005-12-19, 12:59:58
2005-12-19, 13:23:40
2005-12-19, 21:27:46
Hi, now with the pages, the Guestbook should be much more clearly arranged.

Hope you like it.

Merry Christmas! ;o)
- Axel
2005-12-20, 18:18:36
2005-12-20, 20:07:35
2005-12-24, 20:29:55
2005-12-28, 13:59:16
2005-12-29, 17:07:11
Good job. There're a couple of things I'd like to mention and hope to be fixed.

1. In one of the previous versions (1.4.something) it was possible to complete the backside entry (when repeating by typing) by pressing ctrl+enter. It was extremely handy because I could do that with just two fingers of my right hand. But it doesn't work like that anymore. Instead I'm forced to press tab and then enter to do essentially the same thing and this involves both hands. I'd love to see this fixed. I expect that the change primarily affected the focus of the input controls.

2. I haven't checked it yet, but again, in a previos version (1.4.something) adding every new card to the lesson took slightly more than adding the previous card. This became apparent on lessons containing over 100 cards. In that case adding a card would take a second or more (depending on the speed of the PC, of course -- on faster ones it would become apparent at 200 cards) which makes me wait for the computer and which isn't very nice. I suspect that this bad scalability was due to calling some primitive search function over the whole lesson when a new card was being added. I don't know if it works the same, but if it does, it definetely deserves improving. What if I want to put a thousand words of the language I'm studying into a lesson?

3. Is there a function to combine/merge a few lessons into a bigger one? Likewise, is there a function to move selected words from a lesson to another lesson? Would be nice to have these so that when you learn words by the subject (say, colors, days of week, clothing, numerals, parts of body) you learn each group alone. Then when you want to repeat all of those words in random order, you want to put them into a single lesson somehow. Likewise, if you want to pay more attention to some specific words of the lesson, you want to extract them into another lesson to learn alone.
While I can do this by merely extracting the xml file from the .gz archive, editing the text with a text editor and then packing to the .gz back, it's something that an average computer user wouldn't be able to do. And therefore, it would be great to have this feature (of splitting/combining lessons) in the otherwise very good program whose uses are very broad and may apply not only to languages but things like traffic laws (if you're learning to drive a car :).

P.S. I've subscribed to the mailing list to keep in touch.
2005-12-29, 17:09:06
To web master: it would be much better if you made the guestbook show the page with last entries by default instead of the 1st page.