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2005-11-15, 16:02:12
You might have hit the limits of Pauker :) On the other hand, 130,000 entries does not seem that reasonable, given that in everyday cases, we use about 7,500 words... Or, if you learn 100 new words a day, it still takes you 1,300 days, or 3.6 years (assuming you don't forget anything)...

You might want to do the following: find a list of the 10,000 most frequently used words, and then write a script to delete all the lines in your large (130,000) file which do not occur in the 10,000. I have no idea how Pauker copes with such a file, but I'm sure you'll let us know...

Also note that entering words is beneficial to your learning, and you'll remember words you have written yourself better.
2005-11-15, 23:33:24

Hi! I did not do pauker, Ronny is there the over-master to talk to.

I'm just maintaining the website here and there, and this also more bad than good, since I'm rather occupied with university and other stuff... (there would be a lot that would need doing)
2005-11-15, 23:35:50
for example I want to do replies in some future in this guestbook ;o)

or I want to make the website more flexible in language utilization, so it can be internationalised easier from "coder-laymans".

and the Lessons site need doing, to allow people to upload lessons to share, directly through the website.

2005-11-18, 20:55:59
If you Guestbook entry was ignored in the past, please repost I fixed this stuff now!
2005-11-19, 10:52:21
It's nice to learn like this...! :-)

You're doing a good job - you answer within one day, the site looks quite clean. Everything is fine!

I found a PERL-script to shuffle the 130,000 lines and split it into chunks of 6,000 lines now. But you're right, it's not very reasonable. In the last days I found a smaller set (abt. 12,000 entries), which works pretty well. :-)

2005-11-22, 14:48:24
I added the following feature request also on Sourceforge:

In Pauker, I already have two buttons to move a single
card up or down. In the same sense, can I ask for a
"move to bottom" (not just "move down") and "move to
top" (not just "move up") button? Maybe a modifier key
could be added... so pressing the "move down" button
whilst holding the control key... This would keep the
interface neat, and yet add more power to Pauker.
2005-11-24, 09:23:09
2005-11-24, 11:52:03
Excellent program. I am using it to study Chinese, and have found Pauker to be an invaluable aid (coupled with Window's IME). Thanks for the great effort.

2005-11-29, 23:50:43
Das Programm ist wirklich super!

Man kann fast alles damit lernen
2005-12-10, 16:40:46
Lucky luke
2005-12-14, 16:10:47