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Pauker Development
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Ronny Standtke
2005-09-20, 15:32:56
2005-09-20, 20:44:07
2005-09-28, 09:50:51
Danke fuer die Information von Ihrer Seite. Ich habe bekommen viele Nuetzliche fuer mich.

2005-09-28, 14:22:48
Very good site!
Benjamin S. Wiegele
2005-10-02, 06:19:13
I was very happy when I found this program.
It has been quite useful to me, whenever it has been used
to learn for the evening classes, it has proved to be helpful.
There is just one or two features I'd like to be included:
support for images and Unicode. Since I lack major knowledge
of Java (Usually I write in Ruby and C++), I can't really
implement it myself so I'd like to ask you to do.
Thanks in advance, Benjamin
2005-10-02, 10:06:52
2005-10-04, 17:47:42
2005-10-05, 16:09:50
2005-10-05, 22:32:56
2005-10-23, 18:31:04
2005-10-25, 08:43:02
Great application. I was thinking of a way to improve Pauker: include a calibration function. Basically, currently the times in Pauker are rather arbitrary (probably based on the authors' experience). What about including a function to find out one's individual memory spans?

It could be done as follows. First of all, create random pairs of numbers and letters, such as [[12,GH][78,PP][01,LW]...]. Then show the user one of them, and check if remembered. Then show two, and see if they were retained, then 3, etc. This way you can establish the memory span of an individual (once the individual fails to recall the items), rather than guessing it.

Maybe you could do the procedure twice in order to get an average. I know it is still an approximation of the real memory span, but I reckon it is better than the current one.

Such a calibrating only needs to be done once. Maybe this can be implemented as an extra application to keep Pauker small and neat.