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Pauker Development
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2004-12-19, 00:14:59
2005-02-07, 13:28:02
Thank you for this great program!

I use it every day. I used to use supermemo years ago but I needed something:
1. lightweight (I have it on my usb pendrive)
2. running both on linux and windows

It would be great to have Supermemo(tm) algorithm implemented (as far as it is legal of course - but I think that simple version of this supermemo algorithm is free)

2005-03-24, 03:20:39
Pauker ist toll! I am learning German using it. Although my German currently is fairly crappy, pauker has definitely helped me much more than paper flashcards would.
Issasnu Xan
2005-06-07, 03:06:19
Pauker is very useful.

I was trying to learn arabic.
The one thing that I didn't know how to do was memorize vocabulary. With pauker and some time I will memorize the dictionary.

I think someone should make a pauker file exchange site. This should be a place where people can upload their pauker files into a proper catagory, so others may use it.

When I'm done put a dictionary's worth of words onto those pauker xml files I will gladly share them.
I think that the best way to get words from a dictionary on to a pauker file would be to assemble a team to type it up. I think that someone should start such a team, to have the Hans Wehr info in pauker files for memorization. By splitting the work properly, the task is do-able and people can spend more time increasing their vocabulary (as opposed to typing up 100s of words).

I believe a big reason many people don't use pauker for memorizing vocabulary is that not enough useful pauker files are available.

It is all I need to increase my vocabulary.
I thank you.
Renato Mercurio
2005-06-15, 22:35:55
Great Software! Java, Sebastian Leitner box system, XML output. Exactly what I needed.
Ronald Johnson
2005-06-19, 02:38:48
Hiya Hiya Hiya!!! Whoever made this software for us deserves many thanks. To many to put on this page. But just the same thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks.
2005-07-09, 08:57:35
2005-08-11, 10:37:48
this software is just GREAT!

i am a student of law (in Germany) and use it for remembering my law terms.

although the program itself is perfekt for my purposes, i would like to mention some things, that i would appreciate to be improved:

- highlighting and changing colour and font style of single words
- printing the cards
- fonts and sizes of the main window can not be saved permanently
- i use cards with quite long sentences; it would be could to have the automatic word wrapping function while entering the long sentences

nevertheless, A GREAT PROGRAM, so thank you very much again!

do you know a link to a site, where people exchange their lessons? i would be cool to find some other students of law, so we could trade lessons

of course i would offer the lessons that i have so far to anyone who wants them!

tom rader, bonn (germany)
Ronny Standtke
2005-08-13, 13:46:45
2005-08-26, 08:11:28
Ronny Standtke
2005-08-27, 21:01:56