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Pauker Development
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Jorge Wender
2004-08-10, 15:38:48
2004-08-19, 11:27:17
Good site!
Falko Zurell
2004-09-09, 12:36:28
Cooles Programm! Jetzt kann ich meine Karteikarten endlich wegwerfen. Eine Version für Mobil Phones und PDA wäre noch stark, damit man das auch unterwegs nutzen kann.

2004-09-20, 13:20:49
Besten Dank für Pauker. Endlich etwas brauchbares in Sachen Lernkartei (einfach zu bedienen, aber alle wichtigen Funktionen sind drin). Ich bin euch äusserst verbunden, denn andere Programme die ich gefunden habe, funktionieren entweder nicht auf meiner (nicht mehr brandneuen) Kiste, oder sie kosten Geld. Irgendwie hatte ich nie wirklich Lust mein eigenes Programm zu schreiben...

Was Pauker für mich perfekt machen würde wäre Unicode-Unterstützung.
2004-09-24, 20:28:08
I just stopped by to say thanks for Pauker, and to share a little hint. I'm using MacOS X and Pauker didn't seem to save its preferences (changing times, recent items). I found that if you quit using the Quit command (command-Q), nothing is saved. Instead, used the File->Exit menu and everything works as expected.

2004-09-28, 09:15:43
I've produced some Japanese-English vocabulary cards from a subset of the well-known Edict dictionary. There are 17,720 cards in files of 500 cards each. The dictionary used was Edictsub, which contains 20,000+ of the most commonly used Japanese words. I deleted about 5000 katakana words to save space. You can grab a zip file from http://eiwawiki.objectis.net/wiki/EdictPaukerCards.

Just in case anyone cares, the cards were produced by converting Edictsub to utf-8, splitting the file into sub files of 500 lines each, and then transforming those files to Pauker format via XSLT. They're not perfectly formatted, but they work.
2004-10-08, 06:41:04
Greetings from Canada. Pauker is a fascinating program! I hope you will all experience success with it!
Marlene www.dontlikemyjob.com

2004-10-21, 21:20:23
great implementation of a very effective brainstorming technique. congrats. and yes, i will use it ^_^
2004-10-24, 21:42:03
Hey, I've tested Pauker for a while on a machine running OSX now and have a few suggestions.

1. Pauker does not remember the fonts/font sizes assigned to cards. This is a minor thing normally, but if you study say Chinese, you'll have to set the fonts every time you study.

2. The algorithm could be improved... Check out supermemo.com, where you can see a quite good algorithm...

3. Pauker is slow. Generally the speed is acceptable, but particularly when adding new cards to lessons with more than 500 entries, the program becomes extremely sluggish. (change of coding needed).

4. The equivalent of "Rückseite" in English is not backside. Backside means "Arsch" in German... I'm not sure this is what you mean ;-)

Other than that, Pauker is free, which is a real bonus! Keep up the promising work!

-- malina
Tom D
2004-12-18, 04:50:13
Awesome program! I'm no pc whiz, but I figured the basics out in a few minutes, and use it for several of my classes. Keep it up!
2004-12-19, 00:14:59