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Pauker Development
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2006-10-30, 14:15:38
@Miniko & Olgar

I would happily add a section to the webpage that lists and reviews scientific papers / other publications in regards of relevant learning theories. And how pauker corresponds / not correpsonds to them.

Also I would happily have something on the page that introduces the Leitner system to the new user... So if someone wants to write a well written essay! Please be invited! (We can't just copy/paste anything from out of the internet due to copyright reasons)

The major balance to take is between fine tuning the users preference on learning intervalls and the simplicity of the application. e.g. An option for the learning theory educated to enter his personal favorite factors of the repetition time function, makes the dialog overcomplicated for the non-versed.

While I do believe that there might
a) the existing algorithm is generally not the most ideal.
b) that every person has its own ideal repition times, meaning it would have to be flexible.

-> in total I don't think it matters *that* much. I guess the room for optimisation doesn't execeed 5% of your effective-time or so.

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Ramako II
2006-11-15, 16:31:59
A little tip for those who like using existing lessons. Pauker already offers quite an impressive range, but you can easily import from other sources. For example, http://www.flashcardexchange.com/ offers many more lessons; but you have to pay for using a Leitner system as Pauker does for free.

However, you can still use their lessons:
- click through a lesson that interest you
- choose "View Card List"
- select all the words
- paste them into a text editor, such as Notepad
- replace the tabulators with comas
- save as Whatever.csv
- import in Pauker
Ramako II
2006-11-17, 10:15:16
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2006-11-24, 05:19:31
Gruezi, Super Site betreibt Ihr hier!!! Das kann sich wirklich sehen lassen...
2006-11-24, 15:26:19
Where did you find this guestbook by the way??? I'd like to have one like this on one of my sites!!!