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2006-05-08, 14:21:38
2006-05-10, 06:29:59
Michael Yokoyama
2006-05-16, 10:18:35
I tried Pauker, the PC version can't export files, but I got both to work on Palm OS and Windows, only to find that I cannot transfer data yet.
2006-05-17, 16:31:43
Just whant to say HI! I love this place!
2006-05-17, 18:34:29
Very good site! Thanks!
2006-05-17, 22:26:30
:) I LOVE YOU!!!
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2006-05-19, 07:36:27
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2006-06-03, 10:03:41
I just noticed the Guestbook was broken, I just repaired it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
2006-06-04, 20:47:38
I'm using pauker more and more. It proved very efficient to update my english vocabulary. But I try to make it work on my Pocket PC and I can't.

I tried to install IBM J9 JVM and NSICOM Creme JVM.
With creme, pauker is recognised as a java applet, but when I try to execute it, i have a message telling me that creme is loading, and then nothing. But on nsicom site they say that evaluation version does not work within pocket IE. Is ther any link with that ?
with J9 Jvm, it's simply not recognised as java.

Do you have any idea of what I missed ? I'm 100% new to pocket PC and I'm usually more into Unix. So I must say that I might need some hlp to make it work and ask some stupid questions. I hope you'll have time to write some install help someday, because the Idea is very good, it's just not that easy to make it work :-)
Markus [MiniPauker]
2006-06-06, 09:22:37
Hi Christophe!

I have no clues about Pocket PC / Windows Mobile platform. So just try to search the net for information. It seems like there are some JVMs out there, but not sure which is the best. Just be sure it is MIDP2.0, CLDC1.1 and supports JSR-75.

Have a look here for example:

or here:

Best regards, Markus
2006-06-26, 16:32:16
ich schaffe es nicht das Programm zu Starten bitte um hilfe.