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John Westerlage
2006-04-10, 23:50:13
I'm using Pauker v1.6.1.

Is there a way to increase the "Font" button maximum size to 40 in order to correspond with the "Edit" button maximum size.

The reason I ask is that it is not possible to do a global edit of all cards in a file with the "Edit" button as can be done with the "Font" button.

I need to make the size of several hundred cards 36 (for a person with vision impairment) and doing this one at a time is quite burdensome.

Otherwise, the program is incredible! I'm using it for increasing my vocabulary in Greek, Latin and Spanish.

John Westerlage
2006-04-14, 19:33:46
I found an answer to my question of April 10. The font size spinner can only go up to 30 points; however, the font size can be set manually by putting in the font size required and hitting "Enter." It would be better, though, if it could be selected directly from the spinner.

BUT, now I have another question for you!

I want to put only a PART of a flash card entry in italics.

However, I have found that when I select the portion of the entry I want to italicize and then click the italics button, the whole entry, not only the selected portion, is italicized.

Is there a work-around for this?

2006-04-15, 06:56:40
John Westerlage, as far as I know, I'm afraid to say no, there currently isn't.
2006-04-16, 22:22:54
This is a wonderful wealth of information. Good Luck!
Rolf Leggewie
2006-04-21, 17:06:08
Would be great to have the following additions:

- three sides to a flash-card
- reduce dependency on Java 1.5 to support PDA and mobile phones

2006-04-22, 13:30:20
Really an excellent site always a pleasure to come back.
2006-04-24, 06:22:52
Danke für das Lernprogramm das ich schon lange gesucht habe. Möchte es auf Palm-PDA portieren. Um für Palm-OS .prc-Files erstellen zu können werden zusätzlich zu den .jar auch .jad-Files benötigt. Könnte man die bitte auch in die Download-Zone stellen ?
2006-04-25, 05:10:20
Ich weiß nicht was genau dir fehlt, aber du hast *alle* Sourcen von Pauker im download. Du kannst ja div. Files also selbst erstellen was für Formate dir fehlen...
Bram Peter Buijse
2006-05-02, 18:08:09
Ich habe für meine Sohn viele Deutsch-Französich Karten erstellt.
Frage : gibt es ein möglichkeit um das französische Cedille Zeichen ein zu geben ?

z.B. das Wort Francais sollte mann mit ein c+cedille schreiben.

In Word funktioniert das z.B. via Strg + , und dann c.

mfG, Bram Peter Buijse
2006-05-08, 13:42:19
Very good site! I like it! Thanks!
2006-05-08, 14:21:38
Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Programm! Machen Sie weiter so, es hilft enorm!