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2005-12-29, 17:09:06
To web master: it would be much better if you made the guestbook show the page with last entries by default instead of the 1st page.
2005-12-29, 17:23:46
Also, what if I want to repeat the cards before they have expired? I don't want to move them back to the unlearned batch, I just want to repeat them earlier than they expire. It would be nice to have an option of repeating cards before their expiration (and updating the new expire date/time) or to add an option to expire the selected card(s) now. Either way should be good. If we don't want to affect the number of batches, then maybe we want to make a function to repeat the cards now w/o affecting anything... Correct me if I'm wrong.
2005-12-30, 09:01:29
Dear AlexFru,

The guestbook does already show the last page by default.

Greetings, Axel
hans meier
2006-01-04, 11:22:41
Hallo, sehr gutes Programm, DANKE!!
Reinhard Enhuber
2006-01-08, 21:12:32
2006-01-09, 22:48:03

With regards to your queries: (2) I used to have the same speed issues than you describe, but no more. Either it is the newer version of Java I now use, or there is something in the code. Try the latest version for both. (3) You can merge lessons by ticking the 'merge' box when opening a lesson.

I cannot follow why you want to repeat words before they are due. The way the Leitner system works (the idea behind Pauker) is that you only spend time on words that are due... the feature you ask for is counter the Leitner intuitions.

2006-01-10, 23:17:07
How to get rid of those annoying creditors?
2006-01-11, 13:14:56
Some English corrections for http://pauker.sourceforge.net/helppauker.php?lang=en

You do **NOT** need to be a coder to be able to help **P**auker. There are several other ways you can join our proje**c**t of more efficient learning. **The o**ptions are (altough not limited to):
* You can code java afterall.
Help Ronny and his team to make **P**auker better. Best contact him and/or the mailling list.
* You speak a non-**E**nglish language quite well.
We constantly strive to make **P**auker an international proje**c**t.
o Or you can translate this webpage to a new language. The webpage is quite hobbling behind in internationalization. (We only have **E**nglish and **G**erman right now.)

You do not need to stick on the words while translating, but you can evolve the translation freely. What sound**s** good in one language, sounds stupid in another. If you speak another **l**anguage (like **G**erman) you will find differences in the detail here and there.
* You speak **E**nglish really well.
Ronny and I are both **G**erman-speaking ****. So our **E**nglish is secondary at last. Help us to fix typos or weak styles.
2006-01-13, 09:57:38
Your program looks really good. I just have to get started and enter my own Spanish vocabulary.
One thing I've been missing in all programs I've looked at is that they don't support text-to-speech (TTS) engines so I can hear the rough pronounciation of a word in the language if I've no clue at all.
I had a look around and it seems to be possible with Java:

Here's even a Sourceforge project that deals with the language output. ( http://freetts.sourceforge.net/docs/index.php ) So instead of coding it on your own, you could just implement their Free-TTS and people could chose if they want to use it.

How about that?

One thing - is there an easy way to enter special characters like the Spanish n with ~ on top of it? Maybe you could implement some language specific hotkeys to be mounted on the F1-F12 keys as they're currently not in use.

Keep up the great work,
2006-01-13, 18:31:07
2006-01-14, 12:37:34