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Axel Kittenberger
2003-09-19, 08:00:08
Axel Kittenberger
2003-09-19, 08:00:42
Hi! I'll write the first entry in the guestbook.

I want to say I'm a happy user of pauker.
Previously I used an online vocable learinng page (http://www.pauker.at the same name by coincidence, completly different project), and everytime I sceduled some time in my day planning for learning, either the server has been offline or my internet connection was just broken, resulting in frustration. Now with pauker I can train offline and nothing (well at least a lot fewer things) can stop me now. *g*

Greetings Axel
Axel Kittenberger
2003-09-19, 08:06:56
About this guestbook:

I wrote this guestbook myself in php, just because I have been nosy how php and mysql work together. This is a most simplistic implementation, just as I wanted it. There are no smileys inline pictures and all the other stuff nobody really needs for a guestbook.

You can\'t edit posts once you posted them, but you are able to delete your posts again from your machine where you posted it, if you don\'t like them.

Enjoy and enter!
Ronny Standtke
2003-09-21, 07:23:03
2003-10-17, 08:40:57
This pauker programme is very useful for me.
Thanks a lot.
2003-10-18, 09:07:09
Thanks for this neat little program! I have become addicted to learning vocabulary - it is amazing how capable the human brain is with just 20 minutes training per day!

Question: is the source code available? It would be nice to have Pauker on a PDA running Windows CE, but I didn't find an appropriate JVM, so probably some porting has to be done.

And a tip to the other users: after some hundreds of cards I realized I had entered some words twice. This displays a list of cards with similar back sides:

zcat pauker_cards.xml.gz | fgrep 'BackSide>' | sed 's/^[ ]*<BackSide>\(.*\)<\/BackSide>/\1/' | sort | uniq -d -c

(To search the frontside, just replace "Back" with "Front")
Axel Kittenberger
2003-10-18, 14:01:58
freki, Yes the sourcecode is of course available on the Souceforge CVS.

2003-10-20, 22:09:24
Dan Flory
2004-01-23, 01:13:40
More than I expected. I'm using this for my Cobol course and Novell networking administration.
2004-02-08, 20:08:02
Great program indeed!

I wondered if there was any way to print those cards I created?