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Pauker Development

Important: Please make sure that you have installed a Java Runtime on your computer! If you are unsure please take a look at the compatibility page.

Java Web Start

Pauker Java WebStart
The default way of starting and installing Pauker is via Java Web Start. You start and install Pauker by clicking the image to the left.
If this doesn't work you can also start Pauker by issuing the command
javaws http://pauker.sourceforge.net/webstart/pauker.jnlp


If, for whatever reason, you do not want to start and install Pauker via Java Web Start, you can download Pauker here.

Hint: The following link points to a list of mirror servers where you can download Pauker. Please follow this link (left mouse button) instead of downloading just this link.

« Download Pauker»

- Enjoy -